Little Beach House

Finding an existing club hotel on the seafront that needed an urgent comprehensive rehabilitation, was the starting point for this Project. The other ingredients were the participation of Soho House as a hotel operator and interior design, which combined with the desire to do an audacious project while respecting the environment, led us to a unique hotel approach, where the trace of the years in the originally building are imprinted on the materials and finishes. 

  • Type Club Hotel – Integral rehabilitation
  • Location Garraf - Sitges, Barcelona
  • Year 2018
  • Team Heres Arquitectura – Alberto Escudero, Elena Ripollés, Marc Bertran, Olga Castro.
  • Collaborators Proen Ingeniería (Installations), AB2 ingeniería (Licensing, Jordi Bernúz (Structures), Josep Martí (Technical architect), Vila Associats (Managment), Soho House interior design team
  • 1.425,38m²