A project developed in the heart of the neighborhood of Gracia, it works with the preexistence of a corner building and a plot for which 3 duplex homes and the corner building with four homes are implemented. The proposal is made by creating a contemporary language on the facades of the duplex houses, which is twinned with the historic building, creating an integral set. Diaphanous and bright houses with both street and inner courtyard facade of the block, which allow good sunlight and ventilation, in addition to all the technical means to meet the maximum requirements of sustainability and lower consumption.

  • Type Multi-family building – New construction
  • Location Calle Providencia, Barcelona
  • Year 2020
  • Team Heres Arquitectura – Marc Bertran, Olga Castro, Veronica Motorina.
  • Collaborators Barcelona Ingenieros (Installations), EVAM (Structures), Josep Marti (Technical architect), Externa (Facade stabilization), Chroma (Heritage report)
  • 1.271,13 m² (7 Households)