Heres Arquitectura is a studio established in 2001 by Cristina Cuberes and Héctor Restrepo.

Based on a vision of teamwork for the development of architectural projects, it goes far beyond spatial solutions and takes into account all details in order to include in the projects with a sense of character and cosiness. In its early years it was devoted to renovating the corporate of a multinational in Spain, later, it expanded into development of single-family housing projects and rehabilitation of offices, shops and restaurants. Heres Arquitectura currently develops offices, hotels, single family houses and multi-family housing projects and urbanizations, from start to finish, with the aim of taking care of all construction details in large scale architectural projects in order to obtain the highest quality results.

Our approach has always been based on clean lines and volumes where the architecture reflects the development plans and combination of the materials and meticulous details enhance the project. Our projects are always all-encompassing and go from the conception of ideas passing through the different phases and include even the final distribution of furniture.

Our philosophy leads us to involve our customers with the project development process and the building work.



1992 Honorary Degree (Cum Laude) in Architecture, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Manizales Colombia.

Architect Universidad Ramon Llull, La Salle. Barcelona. 2010 (Architect best academic 2009/10)

1995-98 Doctorate in Architectural Projects (Certificate of Research Aptitude; Thesis pending).

1992-94 Lecturer Projects III, VI and VII, Projective III and Graphic Expression, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Manizales Colombia.
1993-94 Lecturer in Urban Development, Escuela Superior de Administración Publica, Manizales Colombia.

1990-92 Diaz-Gaviria
Assisting in design and implementation of (office) building projects.

1992-94 Jiménez-Gómez
Design collaboration and implementation of commercial buildings and office buildings projects.

1995-2002 García-Ventosa
Project Manager, coordinating and facilitating of various projects such as rehabilitation of buildings, corporate design and implementation of office buildings for Agbar, Aquagest and Endesa; Water purification plant in the Tordera river (Bonaplata award); Reconstruction of the Swedish pavilion as a regional archive in Berga (Biennale Region of Berguedá architecture award 2001); Rehabilitation of the Generalitat de Catalunya GISA teaching centers; Participation in design contests of schools and buildings for INCASOL and GISA; Blanes bus terminal; Endesa’s “Illa Vilanova” office building in Barcelona; Interior of 2nd to 24th floor of the Agbar Tower in Barcelona.

Other projects:
1989,1990,1992 Participation in the 3rd, 4th and 6th October Exhibition (National University of Colombia), Manizales, Colombia.
1993 El Castillo building. Apartments and offices with commercial space at ground level, Manizales, Colombia.
1993 Torre 62 building. Offices and commercial space, Manizales, Colombia.
1993 City Hall offices; finalist project in public contest. 17,900m2, Manizales, Colombia.
1994 Prados de la Alhambra Estate, 2054 housing solutions, 200.000m2 (assigned in public contest) Manizales, Colombia.
1994 Cerro de Oro building project, Manizales, Colombia.
1994 Da Vinci building. Offices and commercial space, Manizales, Colombia.
1994 Marquez-Jaramillo House, Manizales, Colombia.
1994 Mustafa-Mejia House, Manizales, Colombia.

Since 2001 Founding member of Heres Arquitectura.



1995 Degree in Architecture; Final project: “La Rehabilitació com a Sala de Concerts i Conservatori, de l’Antic Convent de Sant Francesc, a Monzón, Osca”, Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB), Barcelona, Spain.
1998 Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Constructions’, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain.
1995-96 Scientific and interdisciplinary assistance in the scientific university committee of Berlin, Barcelona, Lyon and Bologna in the Seminar, ‘Città e luoghi in trasformazione, case ed esperienze europee a confronto’, Cervia, Italy
1996 Heritage Course, Col.legi d’ Arquitectes de Catalunya (C.O.A.C.), Barcelona, Spain.
1997 Expert Opinion, Basic course, Col.legi d’ Arquitectes de Catalunya (C.O.A.C.), Barcelona, Spain.
2001 ‘Urbanism and Expert Reports’, introductory course, Col.legi d’ Arquitectes de Catalunya (C.O.A.C.), Barcelona, Spain.

1991 DAU Office of Urbanism, Sebastià Jornet, Joan Enric Pastor i Carles Llop. Assistance with rehabilitation project of “La fàbrica del Sucre de Vic”. Barcelona, Spain.

1992-93 Barcelona City Council, Office for Urban Planning. Trainee of Juli Esteban and Amador Ferrer, assisting in the following projects:
Study of extension of the original Ring Road in Barcelona;
Modification of the General Urban Plan due to planification of the Sant Andreu – la Sagrera area of Barcelona;
Streetscape study of Paseo de Zona Franca, Barcelona.
Barcelona’s urban development variables
Study of Barcelona’s public space system.

1995 Nieves-López; Collaboration on a house-office rehabilitation Barcelona, Spain.

1996-99 Submitting reports and facilitating expert opinion and valuation in a corporative design and office building project for Aguas de Barcelona, Aquagest and Enher; Reconstruction of Sweden’s pavilion as a regional archive in Berga and rehabilitation of the Generalitat de Catalunya GISA teaching centers.

1999-2000 MANGO, Interior design and budget control.

2000-03 Francesc Albín i Collet; Collaboration and implementation of building and house projects, Barcelona, Spain.

Since 2004 Member of the Forensic Architect list at the ‘Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya’ (C.O.A.C), Barcelona.

Since 2001 Founding member of Heres Arquitectura.