La Puebla

The extension and renovation of a house located in the coffee-growing area of Colombia, with a warm climate and a temperature that ranges between 28º and a minimum of 18º; It is inspired by the traditional Colombian country house. Following its typology develops an organigram of housing, where cross ventilation and the great heights are used to create a comfortable temperature without the need to resort to mechanisms to air-condition the spaces. Large eaves, porticoed perimeter corridors, lattices, ceramic tile roofs, etc., guarantee greater control of the sun's incidence in the interior. In keeping with a serene and elegant architecture, natural and handcrafted materials were used, while working with artisans from the region, giving other uses to everyday elements, such as basketry in the lighting. All the materials, wood, stone, basketry, fired ceramics and glazed ceramics were carefully chosen to maintain an architectural response in keeping with the surroundings.

  • Type Single-family house - New construction and refurbishment
  • Location Pereira - Colombia
  • Year 2021
  • Team Heres Arquitectura - Olga Castro, Veronika Motorina
  • Collaborators Oscar Alvarez
  • 580,00