Soho House

A unique project, not only for the type of use and its complexity, but also for the existing building and its location. The interior of the building was demolished, due to the poor conditions, preserving the facade and the general volumetry, and a twoo basements floor for parking and hotel services was added. The general idea was to rebuild the building, maintaining its aesthetics and enhancing its construction systems. We work on the organization chart of mixed uses, which suggests a high technical level to guarantee the acoustics and insulation of each one of them, as well as the development of flows inside the spaces. The joint work, hand in hand with interior design, allowed to have a final result in accordance with the expectations of the developer and the users of the building.

  • Type Club Hotel – New construction
  • Location Paseo Colon, Barcelona
  • Year 2016
  • Team Heres Arquitectura – Albert Escudero, Marc Bertran, Olga Castro.
  • Collaborators JG Ingeniería (Installations), AB2 ingeniería (Licensing), Jordi Bernúz (Structures) Raúl Pérez - IMAC (Technical architect), Externa (Facade stabilization), Chroma (Heritage report), Soho House interior design team
  • 6.740,06m²