Sant Julia 2

In an urban corner, a house with an “L” shape has been proposed so it's open to the green space and the swimming pool. The program asked for a full functioning house on the ground floor that will be used by the parents, and a second floor with the two children bedrooms and common spaces. The house is developed generating a sequence of spaces that open one on top of the other, maintaining clean connections and a visual control of each one of them. The vermicular materials of the environment are used to make the volume of the house and the module of stairs in zinc appears as the backbone of all the interior spaces and the volumetry.

  • Type Single Family Home - New construction
  • Location Sant Julia de Vilatorta, Osona
  • Year 2012
  • Team Heres Arquitectura – Enric Prat, Sonia González
  • Collaborators Evarist Puigvila Prat (Technical architect)
  • 690,70m²