In the Gracia neighborhood, this residential building is proposed with the particularity that each of the habitable solutions has a terrace and an individual pool. It is a building on a low-rise street, so it only allows ground floor and first floor to be built. It was of primary importance to know how to insert the contemporary facade, with the existing urban fabric of traditional houses from the early 1900s. A facade is developed that maintains the general lines of the existing architecture, but with a completely current language and materiality. The houses are planned in a simple way and with a diaphanous distribution, in order to allow the maximum entry of light into each of the spaces.

  • Type Residential building - New construction
  • Location Calle Verdi, Barcelona
  • Year 2012
  • Team Heres Arquitectura – Emmanuela Miceli, Marc Bertran, Sonia González.
  • Collaborators ICO Ingeniería (Installations), Jordi Bernúz (Structures), Pablo Jiménez (Technical architect)
  • 583,37m²